Casablanca City

Casablanca is the main gateway into the country for many visitors, and often their first taste of the country.

The City is the leading force in the economic development of Morocco and represents the key economic trading node for the African-European region. It's  the industrial center of Morocco, with more than half of the country's factories, investissement and commerce operations. .A hotpot bubbling with cultural influences , Casablanca is fertile ground for Moroccan artistic creation, the city is scen of a whole range of events

Casablanca is a stopover city on the way to more exotic locales. However, the city has one landmark very much worth seeing: the spectacular Hassan II Mosque , the second-largest mosque in the world. Casablanca also has multiple synagogues (there has long been a major Jewish community here), and a neglected French cathedral from 1930.

The architectural tradition of the city endures to this day with the inauguration of the Hassan II mosque on the 30th of August 1993. This 200m high mosque is one of the largest in the world. The hectic Mâarif district exemplifies modern Casablanca. This previously impoverished area, just west of the Arab League Park, has gradually been transformed and is now one of the most prominent neighbourhoods in town. The young Moroccan jet set patronise its luxury shops and its trendy establishments in the shadow of the Twin Center twin towers. You must also visit Anfa, Casablanca's upmarket area. Boulevard Mohammed V, situated in the city centre, has kept its arcades under which shops and restaurants abound for almost 2km.

One of the most intersting , rich historical aspects of Casablanca is the Art Deco architcture  let by the French colonialists through downtown Morocco, Many of these building are in various states of disrepair.

Casablanca's proximity to the atlantic and southern latitude are a near guarantee for beach weather year-around.

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