Tangier City

The Pearl of the north

 Tangier the pearl of the north! This mythical city that can seduce you. Be inspired by all the wonders it has to offer! Its huge bay, its medina, its new city, its unusual places will satisfy you fully. From its new European-style city, to the narrow streets of the medina, cross the Kasbah and go to the port. You will discover all the different and wonderful atmospheres of this so surprising city! Admire also the Spanish coast from the mythical café Al Hafa. Go to Cape Malabata and enjoy the view of the bay and the whole city.

Once a glittering and debauched destination for the 1960s literary and artistic set, Tangier holds an evocative tinge of this racy past, even though it may no longer be the haunt of famed authors and painters. The Medina area is the place to roam and try to catch some of this atmosphere. The winding lanes here are the city's prime tourist attraction.

Outside  Tangier, the coastline is dotted with picture-perfect seaside villages that make you want to break out your watercolour palette. Tangier is a great base for exploring this part of Morocco .

1 Medina

Tangier's Medina (Old City) tumbles down the cliff towards the ocean in a labyrinth of narrow alleyways. The central vortex of Medina life is the square known as the Petit Socco, where old men sit for hours drinking tea and playing backgammon. During its fast-paced past, the Medina was a playground for author Paul Bowles and America's legendary Beatnik literary figures such as Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs. Wandering around this area is a must for Tangier visitors.

Just west of the Petit Socco on Rue Siaghine is The Church of the Immaculate Conception, built by the Spanish in 1880. East of the square is the Grand Mosque. In the southeast corner of the Old City is the Old American Legation, once the US consulate building and the oldest American diplomatic post. The museum inside traces the history of the relationship between the US and Morocco: as Morocco was one of the first countries to recognise American independence, the US established its legation in Tangier in 1821. The interesting exhibits inside include George Washington's famous letter to Mouilay Abdullah.


The ancient fortifications that were one in charge of the city's defenses. Todyay, many of the historic Buildings and places of the Kasbah have been bought by Europeans and turned into private homes or converted into hotels, restaurant and museums

Kasbah Museum


The Kasbah Museum brings together an amazing number of exhibits tracing Morocco's history. The Antiquities Collection brings together finds from Roman sites such as Lixus and Volubilis and includes a life-size model of a Carthaginian tomb. There are also displays explaining Tangier's history and a large section devoted to Moroccan arts. The Fes Room is particularly interesting, containing silks and illustrated manuscripts as well as centuries-old ceramics decorated from golden yellow to the famous Fes-blue.

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